This week we asked some of our future makers to join in participating in our first ‘Women @ Wavemaker’ session in honor of International Women’s Day on Friday 8 March 2019.

The session was hosted by Wavemaker North MD, Emma Slater, with a fantastic turnout from our fellow future makers to listen to the inspiring, surprising, challenging, humbling and entertaining stories from Kate Bradbury, Richard George, Nola Calladine, Sarah Levy.


Kate is a Managing Partner at Wavemaker North and is a fundamental member of the Journey Design team. Kate joined the media industry as a budding graduate with a burning desire to succeed – which was heavily fuelled by a very supportive family network.

Kate shared her experience of what it means to be being a woman in media to her, and how this has impacted her career.


Rich heads up Organic Performance at Wavemaker North. Rich brought a male perspective to the table in sharing the challenges and bias his wife has faced in pursuing a career in engineering.

Mrs. George, aka the one and only Danielle George, MBE, is currently the Vice Dean (Teaching and Learning) in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at The University of Manchester. Better yet, she was only the sixth woman in 148 years to present the RI Christmas lectures on the BBC and was the first to do it at eight and a half months pregnant.

If that wasn’t enough she received her MBE in 2016 and two weeks ago she was also awarded the Michael Farady Medal, with previous recipients including the likes of David Attenborough and Brian Cox.

So, if this doesn’t prove that if you’re told you can’t, you absolutely CAN – then we don’t know what will!


Nola plays an essential role at Wavemaker North ensuring our client delivery is second to none. Nola has a secret skill. She’s a world class juggler. And she was asked to share her secret to ‘having it all’. She has a fantastic family who support her in everything she does and has had the privilege of being surrounded by strong, successful women throughout her whole career.

She admitted that although juggling family life, work life and her passion for running can be tricky, she makes it work because it is her choice. Everything she does is because she has the choice to do it, and she knows how lucky she is to have that choice.


Sarah feels extremely passionate about International Women’s Day because she is a very proud alumna of Manchester High School for Girls. It was the same high school in which Emmeline Pankhurst enrolled all three of her suffragette daughters; Christabel, Sylvia and Adela.

Sarah discussed not only her experiences of being a woman in this industry but also brought to light the bias that is sometimes experienced by women from other women.

Sarah believes that International Women’s day isn’t about women calling men account for sexism and men nodding apologetically, it is a day about all of us feeling confident enough to call it out when it is happening. To stop it happening.

As per Emmeline Pankhurst’s mantra; “Deeds, Not Words”.