First up on our series of ‘ Voices & Heroes’ is Mick reflecting on the important events of the last fortnight. Here he divulges the voices he has listened to and the people who he now considers his own personal heroes.

During my online yoga class on Saturday morning, our teacher was reflecting on the importance of having a ‘teacher’  –  one or many that nourish and inspire you.

It got me thinking about who has inspired me over the last week, and I’d like to share in the first Wavemaker North ‘Voices and Heroes’ series.

Marcus Rashford

For his compassion and quiet, unflinching determination to change the lives of more than a million hungry kids this summer – forcing a Government U-turn – extending the free school meal voucher scheme into the summer holidays, I salute you Marcus Rashford.

Patrick Hutchinson

It was humbling to see Patrick Hutchinson saving a ‘statue saving’ protester from serious injury and carrying him to safety, a true gentle giant. Patrick said: “You have to hope that things will be better and be positive, otherwise what is the point?”

Rosa Parks

I watched ‘Rise Up: The Moment that changed America’ accessed via SKY’s Black Lives Matter EPG and learnt more about the incredible bravery and conviction of Rosa Parks – the civil rights activist who stood up to racism by up refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger on a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955.

Raheem Sterling

And chapeau to another resilient and committed campaigner, Raheem Sterling, who has been calling out racism in football for some time. Again, he is taking the lead and requesting that every Premier League club should employ at least one black, Asian, or minority ethnic in their senior staff.

Rev Al Sharpton

I was struck by the conviction, eloquence and leadership of civil rights activist Rev Al Sharpton on the BBC’s Hard Talk,  and that conversation helped me understand more about racism in the USA.

I’ve also listened to Bob Marley’s Redemption Song (also covered by another hero of mine, Joe Strummer, but that’s another story) again this week and the words have a new resonance now.

They’ve all given me hope for a better tomorrow.


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