Written by Mark Brogan, Head of Partnerships

Arguably one of the biggest and best-loved events to be cancelled due to COVID-19 this year has been Eurovision. Watched by over 180m people worldwide (yes, really), the competition is known for its outrageous performances/characters, celebration of difference and the UK coming near enough last every time with ‘nul points’.

Its popularity is why Netflix picked up the distribution rights to ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga’ featuring Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams – a comedy that follows two Icelandic singers as they are given the chance to represent their country at the famous event.

But what happens when your movie launch campaign is based around a cancelled event, LBGT pride parades that are no longer happening and a whole string of other COVID-19 issues (change in release date, OOH-centric plan etc.)?

We had to adapt and reframe our approach using a combination of smart TV placements, interactive VOD units and Spotify sponsorships/takeovers to build anticipation for our audience.

The ‘jewel in our Eurovision crown’ was the partnership with Magic FM. We created a ‘pop-up’ Eurovision-inspired radio station playing non-stop hits from Abba to Bucks Fizz alongside interviews with past competitors and knowledge tests for superfans. This was promoted across Bauer’s radio platforms as well as social channels to give Eurovision fans somewhere to visit and celebrate the competition’s utter madness.

Audiences loved it, with more than double the level of brand engagement expected from a commercial campaign.

Stay tuned for more detail on our exciting partnerships coming soon!