Media and Marketing Roundup – February 2020

Even with the extra day, February has flown by and, although it seems a little early to be saying “where has the year gone”, we can already see that 2020 is going to be a year of rapid changes in all areas of our lives and industry. So – before it’s March – let’s get through our roundup of media and marketing news this month.

ASA Refreshes Influencer Guidelines

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have refreshed their official rules on ad labelling for influencers. The original influencer guidelines were published on 28 September 2018 following discussions with influencers and agencies in order to bring together all the relevant advice and regulation influencers need to ensure they were sticking to the ad rules and the relevant provisions from consumer protection legislation. 2020 revisions include further clarification on brands paying influencers, on influencers promoting their own products and how affiliate marketing impacts influencers.

Content Marketing on the Rise in 2020

According to a new report by World Media Group, marketers say their use of content-driven campaigns will increase in 2020 and continue to grow over the next two years. 80% of marketing professionals worldwide say the use of content marketing campaigns will grow and only 2% of marketers say the use of content will decline. Marketers are also going big on audio with 90% of marketers polled saying they plan to use audio and podcasts in their campaigns this year. Essentially brands are looking to establish themselves as trusted experts and give customers a reason to come back to their website. The answer – CONTENT.

Google Confirms: No Core Update

This month saw a lot of panicked tweeting from the SEO community as rumors circulated and rankings fluctuated. Had Google released a core update without advertising or a funny new name? No. Danny Sullivan, Google’s public search liaison, was quick to respond to curious tweeters debunking rumors and to state that Google had simply released several minor daily updates (as they do all the time). This is now being dubbed ‘The No Update Update’.

But Google Ads Has Announced an Update – Change History

Google Ads has announced an update that is designed to make it easier to determine how campaign changes impact ad performance. From this point onwards, advertisers will be able to view annotations in their performance charts that display campaign changes. In the past, it has not been easy to review campaign change history alongside reporting data. With the new feature, advertisers will now be able to view an annotations card upon hovering over the report. This hover card will display links allowing users to filter the ‘change history’ tables and reveal necessary additional information within their reports.

For this short month, that’s all folks. For more expert analysis from the team at Wavemaker North, contact us here.