2019 Fundraising

Every year at Wavemaker a team called mediator is formed. This consists of passionate Futuremakers who are keen to make an extra contribution to the agency by organising important charitable events and fun social activities which involve our fantastic clients, suppliers and of course, staff.

The team has the honourable task of selecting a charity to be the main recipient of our fundraising efforts for the year ahead. 2019 saw the Manchester-based Booth Centre become our chosen charity partner. A day centre that offers advice, activities and support to homeless people in Manchester, their work is invaluable and relied upon by many. With homelessness on the rise nationally, this proved to be a cause that many of us within the agency were passionate about supporting.

We then had a very busy year of fundraising, smashing our expectations for how much we would raise! Our fundraising activities ranged from a team climb of Snowdonia to an agency-wide bake-off competition, a Valentine’s Day book shop where you could buy yourself a date with a book and a Christmas advent calendar raffle with plenty of amazing prizes up for grabs – all kindly donated by our clients and media partners.

Of course, we can’t forget the Booth Centre’s very own Manchester Sleep Out, where a team of dedicated volunteers from the agency tackled a cold November night to sleep outside in the rough to help our fundraising efforts. You can read how we got on here.

Wavemaker’s 2019 Sports Day

The Wavemaker effort meant we fundraised a staggering £3,640.59 in online and offline donations! We are extremely pleased with how much effort people put in throughout the year to help raise money for the Booth Centre and can’t wait to see the positive impact this will have for them moving forward.

Introducing the Mediator Team

With a new year comes a fresh Wavemaker mediator team of keen volunteers ready to take on the challenge of raising charitable donations and keeping staff spirits high.

This year we have co-heads, with Rob Storey and Ben Lester leading the charge, with an enthusiastic group of Wavemakers supporting them. Here’s an intro to the team and a little on why each member has joined:

From left to right: Lewis Creek, Rob Storey, Kally Bashnakova, Ben Lester, Pari Adams, Toby Shaw, Caylin Blom, Suj Tung.

Rob Storey

I put myself forward to be co-head of Mediator this year to do something a little different and take myself out of my comfort zone. I’m looking forward to putting on some memorable events for the agency and of course supporting our charity of the year, whether that be through organising fundraising events or the team working directly with the charity.

Ben Lester

I decided to put myself forward for the joint head of Mediator this year to challenge myself (and Rob) to put on some unforgettable events as well as working together as a company to help raise funds and volunteer time for our charity of the year.

Caylin Blom

I have joined Mediator this year to enable me to make the biggest impact during the time I am working at Wavemaker. I am currently here as Maternity cover, but in a short space of time, I have grown to love working with my colleagues. So, when this opportunity came up to work more closely with them, and get to know each of each them some more – how could I not? As a South African, I am looking forward to working alongside charities and learning more about the UK. It is great to see a team of people so passionate about helping others!

Suj Tung

I wanted to join mediator this year to try something a little different. I’d always enjoyed attending a lot of the events previously put on by the agency and thought that it would be fun to have a hand in organising the events and raising money for charity.

Lewis Creek

I put myself forward to be part of mediator this year so that I can play a role in putting on a range of different and memorable events for the agency. I want to make sure we look at how best to get everyone involved and included in events to make them enjoyable and worthwhile for all the office. A key part of doing this for me is being able to work closely with our chosen charity in order to make a real difference and making a lasting change for the good.

Toby Shaw

I have chosen to be a part of Mediator this year to do something different away from my desk and provide a different approach to company events. I’m excited to put forward some great ideas that will be memorable for the business, and that will benefit our chosen charity.

Kally Boshnakova

I’ve joined Mediator for another year because I love being a part of bringing the agency together for some fantastic events and having a greater responsibility in fundraising for our chosen charity. I also get to contribute to agency life with my creative skills, which makes for a fun change from my usual client workloads.

Our 2020 Charity of Choice

The first task of the new year for the Mediator team was to decide which charity we will support in 2020. In 2019, we had a hugely successful year working with the Booth Centre and this year, we are delighted to announce that we will be extending this support into 2020.

As a Manchester-based charity, working with the Booth Centre allows Wavemaker North the opportunity to make a real difference in the city, through fundraising, volunteering and increasing the profile of the charity.

“The Booth Centre is here to bring about positive change in the lives of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, to help them plan for and realise a better future”. For more information, please visit their website – https://www.boothcentre.org.uk/.

Wavemaker helping out at The Booth Centre as part of our corporate charity day scheme

We at Wavemaker North look forward to another successful year working alongside the Booth Centre.