Written By Kally Boshnakova, Creative Manager.

In this final creativity series instalment, Kally delves into creative resilience in lockdown and the uptake in video content creation as a form of expression.

The Social Sphere

Whilst we can’t socialize face to face how we used to, there’s certainly a newfound sense of community circled around creativity to be seen online.

Scroll through your preferred social feed and you will see post after post of people sharing their new creations. Whether spurred on by boredom or social currency, increased output has resulted in increased visibility of creativity online, leading to a snowball effect in inspiring and motivating others to inject some creativity in their own lives.

As people are creating more, the demand for inspirational content has also increased. We see this reflected in the accession of content creation apps such as Tik Tok throughout this period.

As an informational source for hobbyists, online videos are now favoured both due to accessibility and the rich content they provide. More than one in four people who watch videos across major social media platforms are also creating their own video content for social media. This statistic from a recent Mintel report captures the growing trend of both demand and contribution in the digital content space.

Perhaps the most encouraging manifestation of societal creativity in the age of COVID-19 is the increase in its capacity to mobilise communities and bring hope. Truly this is the magic of creativity in one of its purest forms.

The act of creation is by definition, the antithesis of destruction.

We’re living through a time defined by the disruption to our routines, personal and professional lives. Our pre-existing ways of life have essentially been destroyed for the time being, but seeing society pour into creativity is a testament to our resilience and optimism. It’s a rebellion against isolation, despondency and against succumbing to hardship. Campaigns such as the NHS rainbow tributes encapsulate the spirit of creativity within this unifying capacity.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve touched on a few of the more prevalent ways in which consumption and creative output had changed in response to the global pandemic. As marketers, the ability to understand these behavioural changes and emphasise with current consumer needs will be essential in creating content that holds value in today’s world.

It’s a time of uncertainty and change, and there’s no way to definitively say what the correct response to the situation is. It seems, our personal creative undertakings can dictate differing outcomes of productivity for this period- depending on how we approach it. Professionally, we have a responsibility within our teams to be empathetic to our colleagues and to work to effectively adapt to our new playing field. Our responsibilities to our clients require us to be informed, aware and proactive so as to do everything in our power to help them contribute relevantly (to society?) and provide support for their consumer.

Hopefully this article, whilst not setting out any hard and fast recommendations on ways of being at this time, will prove insightful, provoke some thoughts on the topic and communicate a genuine positivity for the future. Stay safe and keep creating!