A week in the life of Wavemaker North’s Managing Director Emma Slater

Emma Slater, Wavemaker North

Our amazing managing director was recently asked to run through a week in her life for Prolific North. With over 20 years’ media experience, working with leading brands, her week was never going to be a quiet affair. Here’s a sneak peek of Emma’s profile…

It’s slightly harder to get back in the swing of things after the weekend!

My day starts with 30 minutes on the exercise bike. It helps with my busy morning routine – dragging my 13-year-old son out of bed in time for school. I hope today doesn’t mean several trips back to school because of forgotten gym kit/homework! I’m in the office by 8:15am and enjoy a bit of quiet time before it gets busy.

Every Monday, we have an all agency meeting. We share our agenda for the week and highlight the great work /initiatives happening in the agency. This week, our Mediator social team has launched our 2020 charity appeal. The agency nominates a charity for our yearly fundraising. In 2019, we chose The Booth Centre, which supports Manchester’s homeless community.
Several meetings with the senior team take me to lunchtime when a new business brief lands and we set to work to get it ready for next week’s deadline.

I leave the office slightly early to do home logistics. Luckily, Wavemaker’s flexible working policy means that if I need to pick up any work later, I can. It’s important I’m at home to manage the homework battle! At home, Monday is my ‘quiz night’ – I watch Only Connect and University Challenge (after catching up on Corrie). Then I go over the new business briefs, before heading to bed at 11:15 pm.

You can read all about the rest of Emma’s week here: https://www.prolificnorth.co.uk/features/2020/02/week-my-life-emma-slater-managing-director-wavemaker-north